8 reasons why to contact a Model Agency in Florence

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Many companies who are looking for models in Florence will ask themselves whether in the search for a model they should rely on a model agency, or whether it is better to carry out this task independently. There are pros and cons in each solution. Surely one of the deterrent factors is the 20% commission on the remuneration of the models that must be paid to the model agency. But, in addition to the fact that this commission does not have such a large weight in the total budget, there are a number of concrete advantages for going to a modeling agency and not doing it on your own. If you are a company and you are hesitating whether to contact a modeling agency in Firenze or not, in this article we will try to tell you more about how our work functions so that you can make a more considered choice! So, here are 8 reasons why to contact a model agency in Florence to find models:



Contacting a model agency in Florence: the advantages

  1. The model agency in Florence will provide you with a wider choice

If you contact a modeling agency in Florence with your request (e.g. you need a model for a clothes shooting), the agency will certainly be able to provide you with a much wider selection of resources than a company or a photographer can find independently. Modeling agencies, in Florence and overall, have a database that consists of hundreds of models male and female, they know the updated characteristics of each of them well, and they can offer the client a very wide range of resources to choose from. Compared to a direct search for freelance models (this search can take place through Google, on social networks especially on Instagram, or by asking people you know in Firenze city…) which can also be long over time and lead to a limited choice of people and above all without knowing all the real physical characteristics of the model (the information that models indicate about themselves when  applying  to your casting is not always reliable and you cannot verify it).

  1. The modeling agency in Florence makes a casting for you

Model agency in Florence will do the casting on your behalf. It will select models that are best suited to your brand’s needs. For example, if you need:

models for photo shooting – models who know how to pose and be expressive, who have the right measurements but also the look and feel in line with the brand

models for Pitti Uomo Exhibition – model agency will select suitable models for reception and image job on the stand, or for the presentation of the new collection of the brand during Pitti Uomo Event

models for fitting – the model agency will select the models of exact parameters as required by the production for the perfect fit: chest, waist, hips with an accuracy of up to 1cm

models for shoe shooting or fitting – fashion agency will supply girls with 37 feet (or another sample size, whether it’s 38 or 41) or 42 for boys / male models.


  1. The modeling agency gives you guarantees

A modeling agency in Florence, being an intermediary, guarantees you a series of determining factors for the success of the work, such as:


– reliability of the proposed models – it means that the modeling agency guarantees you that the model will show up on the day, on time, in the pre-established place;

– guarantee that the current physical appearance of the proposed models corresponds to that in the photos – the agency guarantees that the hair color and cut, measurements, weight, etc., are currently as they appear in the profile of the girl or boy;

– professionalism – the agency guarantees that the model will behave professionally, politely and respectfully;

– experience of the resources proposed – the model agency offers only models with experience, who know how to model well, to pose quickly, etc. Or if the model agency offers you “new faces” (which have the lowest cost) they warn the customer of this fact – and the customer is aware that the chosen resource has less experience;

– contract – regulating the activity to be carried out with the model by signing a written contract which protects you and guarantees you as a company / brand that the resource and the agency will undertake to respect the agreements.


All these factors are more difficult to verify by a company that does not know the model well, perhaps found by some friends or on social networks. In a nutshell, the model agency in Florence will protect you from the nasty surprises that can happen (and they are on the agenda!) if you are looking for models on your own. We, who are a modeling agency in Florence, Tuscany, have often provided models for photoshootings organized for the  second time. They had to be redone due to inadequacy of models engaged in the first photo shoot (e.g. models who didn’t know how to pose, models who looked different than they did in the photos, models who had an unprofessional attitude, etc., circumstances and situations that prevent the achievement of the desired final result).



  1. The modeling agency in Florence will give you a professional opinion

Surely it is not even easy to understand, among the many models proposed, which may be the most suitable figure for that type of work. Some models are suitable for fashion shows and posing for fashion photos, but not suitable for advertising/commercial shootings or vice versa; other people can, for example, be very suitable for photographic work but do not perform well in video, or other resources that are suitable for work in fairs, presentations, events where in addition to a beautiful image, sociability, fluency, etc. are also required, which is absolutely not discounted. Only the agency that has been working for a long time with all the resources is able to suggest to the client the selection of models most suitable for that specific type of work.



  1. The modeling agency manages the unexpected

Let’s get to the sore point: the unexpected! They can happen all the time, and they happen often, unfortunately. The model who gets sick the day before work (especially now in time of Covid-19, if the model has a fever she absolutely cannot come to work, in the past you could also take some medicine and go anyway despite the initial fever, but today this is no longer the case), or is unable to get to the workplace (train strike, car breakdown), and other similar situations. The agency can replace your model with another in a short time, like in half an hour. Just a round of phone calls among the huge database of models, and in half an hour you can find the replacement model. Only the agency can provide you with this management service: if you book a model or a freelance model and a mix-up occurs just before work, you will hardly be able to find a suitable alternative. This will mean postponing work to another date, with all the related charges and the risk of not being able to reorganize everything quickly.



  1. The modeling agency manages the logistics

The model agency in Firenze will also take care of organizing any travel of the model if she/he comes from outside the town/region. The agency studies the most suitable travel solution, buys train/plane/bus tickets for the model, possibly even books a hotel, and takes care of other important moments to ensure that the model arrives on time at the job location.



  1. The fashion agency briefs the models

Explaining to the model what the job consists of, how to behave, what to wear, indications on make-up, nail polish, etc. etc. – there are many small details that should not be taken for granted. The model agencies in Florence thanks to many years of experience, know the critical points of each job, and foresees them by carrying out a detailed briefing for each resource.



  1. Management of payments and contract to the models

The agencies provide you with the regular invoice for each work performed. This offers numerous advantages: first of all, you can deduct the expenses, as you have the invoice for the service that was provided to you. Then, you can usually pay the invoices 30/60 days EOM – it means at the end of the month (if you take the resource directly, in 90% of cases you will have to pay it immediately at the end of the job or in any case within a short time). And finally, the models selected through a modeling agency will be brought into compliance with a contract. It is true that this is also feasible if a company finds the resource independently, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of bureaucracy to do it, and not all companies want to deal with it and not everyone knows how to do it correctly. If the modeling agency does it, it means a lot of time saved for the client or the brand.


model agency in florence office

The advantages of contacting a model agency in Florence: conclusions

We hope we have explained in the clearest and most transparent way possible what the work of model agencies in Florence consists of, and the advantages of turning to professionals in the sector instead of looking for resources such as models, hostesses, influencers, etc. independently. Reliable modeling agencies in Florence can certainly guarantee you excellent quality standards of service, save you a lot of time and effort and protect you from the unexpected. If you need models in Florence, contact us! We will be happy to help you by making you our best proposal.


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